ADSPF in Social touch

Women Empowerment:

Realizing the significance and urgency of empowerment of rural women in the context of overall development of rural people.
Various type of training cum workshops has been organized by ADSP foundation for promotion of entrepreneurship in rural Maharashtra.

Upliftment of Rural people:

ADSP foundations motto is to bring about social transformation through all round development of society. It has a deep concern for the all sided development of rural people. The main task which it has undertaken is to create developmental orientation among the rural people and to provide facilities and guidance to them in bringing about self-development. It propagates among the farmers through its institutions, improved methods of agriculture, and knowledge of recent technology and better methods of cultivation.

ADSP foundation has established "The Center for Rural Development" which runs a rural development centre at Kavathal. This Center has become a venue for the cultivators to come together, to exchange their ideas and experiences with each other, as well as, for training and other purposes. The Foundation has started a program for integrated rural development. The main object of this program is to bring about all round development of the rural community in general.

A regional development project has been undertaken by the Foundation in Kavathal village. This program covers economic, health care, educational aspects of rural life.
Spread of Education in Rural Areas: ADSP foundation has a firm conviction that it is through the spread of education in rural areas that the real social, cultural, economic transformation of rural people can be brought about. So the rural people and rural regions have always been at the focus of programs and activities of ADSP foundation. ADSP foundation has taken education to the doorsteps of rural people in the real sense of terms.

Training for Farmers:

Recently, has started a "Center for Agriculture Development" The Center provides guidance and encouragement to the farmers for undertaking innovative agricultural development program. It advises them in such matters as adopting new patterns of crops, introducing new varieties of seeds etc.

The programs and projects of ADSP foundation reflect the social concern it has. ADSP foundation extends its arms to people in difficulty and distress, especially for those who don’t have anybody to care for them viz. orphans and old people.

Promotion of Sports:

Adequate facilities for sports training have been provided to promote sports, sports medicine and research. Its main objective is to promote national and international sports and train the youth in the urban and rural areas to be competent sports persons. It also organizes sports meets, training camps and workshops on sports. In addition, facilities for fitness, health check-ups and consultation to the players through Health Clubs are also provided.

ADSP foundation has contributed its share for the promotion of applied arts, painting and sculpture through its programs and event. Various types of activities for the promotion of performing arts and literature. It also organizes various cultural events and also sponsors them.

Rural Health:

ADSP foundation is keen to have interactions with different sections of population and tries to reduce the rural-urban divide. ADSP foundation organize diagnostic and other health camps in villages on a regular basis, wherein poor and needy patients are provided with medical treatment and assistance.

ADSP foundation also identify certain villages as centers outside Jalgaon and elsewhere in north Maharashtra wherein periodical health check-up camps are held. Besides these institutional activities, the volunteers of ADSP foundation organize events such as blood donation camps, street plays and other consciousness generating activities about health related issues.