Welcome to ADSP Foundation

ADSP Foundation is an organization with a difference. It has its own well defined ideological orientation and commitments. Social transformation in a desired direction is one of its cherished goals and it believes that education can be an effective prime mover for such social transformation. Education can be an effective instrument of social change.

Prof. Yogesh Pawar
Founder President

In a global economic scenario that is constantly evolving, you need to constantly reinvent yourself and acquire the requisite competencies to stay ahead of the crowd. By imparting knowledge that has a blend of academics, practical training and overall personality development ADSP Foundation is committed to grooming future visionaries and leaders. All round development empowers the society to grow in real sense by overcoming poverty, ignorance and lack of esteem. This thought led us to pursue ADSPF’s mission to bring social transformation through all our objectives.

Barring all barriers, education should be spread to every stream of society and individual. ADSP Foundation is keen in sustaining this vision with all its capacities. We have been taking every possible measure to bring the youth under one roof that can provide them modern education to counter challenges ahead. We believe in the development of students in such a way that ensures admirable future for them. It went in search of new horizons and expanded its sphere of activities at unbelievable speed. Thanks to the vision, commitment, and sincerity of purpose, hard work and confidence of Founder President Prof. Yogesh D. Pawar.

ADSP Foundation has committed itself:

  • To make available quality education in different areas of knowledge to the students as per their choice and inclination.
  • To bring education within the reach of rural, tribal and girl students.
  • To make available information of quality education to the students of rural, tribal and other deprived sections of the population.

The functioning of ADSP Foundation is designed and geared up towards the fulfillment of these commitments.